Case Study - Pharos Partners with Anablock to Elevate its Engineering Talent Pool

Pharos joins forces with Anablock, enhancing its engineering talent pool for diversified skill sets and strengthened capabilities within the organization.

Web development, CMS, Salesforce


Pharos, a data analytics and AI-driven solutions company, faced the challenge of expanding their engineering team to accommodate growing demands. Collaborating with Anablock, an IT talent marketplace, Pharos strategically tapped into a curated pool of specialized professionals. This partnership empowered Pharos to swiftly identify and onboard top-tier engineering talent, aligning with their innovation-driven objectives. Anablock's platform facilitated the seamless integration of these skilled individuals into Pharos' projects, fostering an environment of collaboration and accelerated development.

What we did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • Custom CMS
  • SEO
  • Infrastructure
  • Salesforce

Working with Anablock, we felt more like a partner than a customer. They really resonated with our mission to change the way our companies find the top engineering talent.

Nikita Prokopev, CEO of Pharos
Less Traffic
Page load times
Higher infra costs
Legal fees

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