Meet our team

  • Vuk

    Salesforce Consultant

    Vuk is a Salesforce Consultant with over 20 years of experience in enterprise software. He is a software architect with over 30 Salesforce implementations [more....]

  • Himanshu

    Salesforce Developer

    Himanshu is the back bone of our team. He holds 3 Salesforce certifications, has priceless 6 year Salesforce experience working on the big problems. Even when on time off, Himanshu is an early bird. Huge pizza lover (extra cheese please).

  • Naveen

    Salesforce Developer

    If you want to lean on a Salesforce developer with no bugs attached, that is Naveen. Comitted to work, even more comitted to Marvel world. Always in a mood for traveling and new adventures.

  • Maja

    Graphic Design

    Whenever you call Maja, you will always be very welcome by her, her cats and a coffee mug. Experienced Graphic Designer with many years in creative industry. Tip - if you land her on Korean Jeju Island, she would be very thankful.

  • Ravi

    Salesforce Developer

    Ravi holds four Salesforce certifications and is in the run for fifth one. He is a highly seasoned and accomplished Salesforce Developer that loves being challenged. Last five years he’s been working on various complex projects. If you ever come cross Monument Valley, sharing your experience with him is a must!

  • Sreedhar

    Salesforce Developer

    6 years of expertise in Salesforce, two Salesforce certifications holder. Sreedhar recently got a another role, being the dad! Very hard working when on a duty, very laid back on the beach.